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We provide Complete Association Management, Complete Meeting Management, Trade Show Management & Exhibit Booth Sales and Sponsorship Sales

Goldman Association Management & Consulting

Four Reasons Why Us

Complete Association Management

We are knowledgeable and capable managers and staff who can run every aspect of most associations. From membership to meeting to marketing, we know how to manage the day to day operations, but more so we know how to grow your non-profit. We have staff to run your large or small event, board meetings or continuing education. But where we really excel is growth.

Complete Meeting Management

We are experienced meeting planners and have exhibit managers on staff who have produced meetings, conventions and trade shows for 50 to 10,000 people. This type of experience has offered our clients new programs, new continuing education and attendee growth. These are the lifeblood of the meetings. This type of experience is hard to find and for some associations it is hard or next to impossible to afford. Many associations don’t need a full-time person for an annual event. By using a company that handles other organizations you are able to get a top notch manager at a fraction of the cost.

Trade Show Management & Exhibit Booth Sales

Our company has managed dozens of trade shows. We have increased exhibit sales, sponsorships and even attendance for each client, while helping to cut their trade show costs. We are a well-respected firm within the industries we work. How many times are exhibit sales left to exhibitors calling in for a booth or table and no real outbound sales occurring? Too often exhibit salespeople don’t even know where to prospect or never even get to that point. We are also experts in advertising sales and publishing. Event program sales are very easy for us.

Sponsorship Sales

GAM is an expert in creating sponsorship packages that industry leaders are interested in. While we have the knowledge of creating them, we also know how to sell them. And whether we are selling them or educating your staff on Sponsorship Sales, we understand the sales process. For our newest client, the Western Society of Periodontology, we have generated more in sponsorship sales in 2016 than they have in the last 10 years combined.

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