Event, Meeting and Convention Management


There are few companies or individuals who have excelled in meeting/convention management as we have. Whether it is a 50 person meeting to a 10,000 person meeting we have worked in all of these areas.

Revenue Growth

We have grown nearly every meeting we have managed. For two years the AGD Annual Meeting was named “The Fastest Growing Meeting in the Medical Industry.” From one meeting seeing a tripling in exhibit space to another seeing a drastic growth in sponsorships. We work every aspect of a meeting/convention to grow its top and bottom lines.

Attendance Growth

We have designed and executed numerous programs to bring members and non-members to the conventions we have managed. ALL of our clients have seen attendance growth at their meetings when they have turned over the marketing to us.


It is not just being a good salesperson that helps you make the sale, it is creating packages for exhibitors that they see as fiscally responsible and beneficial in their marketing approach. Sponsorships need to be developed with both the association and sponsor in mind so both benefit equally.

General Management

Our job is to run the event for you. Not for your board members to worry where a table goes, or which room will have what event. These are our responsibilities. Your responsibility is to concern yourself with the content, working with members and the association business that needs to be tended to at the meeting at hand.

Fiscal Management

There is no better way to sink a meeting than to have individuals who cannot negotiate well with hotels, convention centers or suppliers. One of our tasks is to find the right suppliers to work with and holding the costs to a minimum. We need to tendto your dollars like they are our dollars. And because we are working with other meetings, we are able to bring your costs down even further. This can also extend into the area of speaker honorariums.

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