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Our staff is an accomplished advertising sales team. We have managed the advertising sales for over four dozen magazines, journals and newsletters in 10 different industries. We have a solid history of increased sales with each publication. You can see from some of the historical data on our history page for our clientele. For many we have taken them from deep in the red to the black. Or better yet, took publications that were never thought to be able to generate revenue and just used as membership benefits to profit centers.


Goldman Association Management offers the services of an experienced production, layout and design department. Our clients have assigned their redesign, layout and design projects to this team of association publishing professionals. Our staff also creates the layout and design for many of the advertisements for our customers. In many cases representation firms and associations don’t have the experience or the time to offer or perform these services. And too often associations only see what is right in front of them. They rarely look outside their industry at what others are doing and how those types of products or services can be utilized in their industry or profession. Since we are in many different industries we can bring successful ideas from outside that can be new forms of revenue generation.


Goldman Association Management offers “back office” management assistance: accounts receivable, collection procedures and general management consulting. In addition, our company handles the billing and collection for a number of our publishers and associations.

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