Am Goldman



Do you have a professionally trained sales staff? Is your management team versed in sales management? Do you know how to hire salespeople? Do you want your staff to better understand the industry or how to grow your revenues?


Maybe you want to see what new products or services you can create for generating new revenues. Or maybe you want to make a change to your sales structure. If you are not sure of some of the answers to these questions Goldman Association Management & Consulting is the company that can help you in these important areas.


Our staff has consulted dozens of associations, in many different industries, in the building of their non-dues revenues. This includes advertising, sponsorship, exhibits and even fundraising. We have generated tens of millions of dollars in non-dues revenue for our clients. We have created new and innovative publications, websites, e-newsletters and trade shows that have only enhanced the associations we currently have and have worked for. Who better to trust the design of your non-dues revenue than the actual publisher?


Our company specializes in association publications. From our experience with not-for profit publishing and trade show marketing we have a thorough understanding of the needs, goals and constraints of associations, as well as the industry or profession within which they work. We have even launched a number of successful publications for our clients. We are also able to take a hard look at your current publications, both print and online, and give you an honest audit of what can enhance your current communication mechanisms. We have launched many publications ourselves and at one point owned the largest worldwide tennis publication.


Goldman Association Management has launched dental meetings, grown their attendance and managed them successfully. Very few companies are better suited to take a hard look at your events and meetings and give you an honest analysis of your staff, or event and how you can achieve greater growth. For the Academy of General Dentistry Annual Meeting, we were twice recognized for the fastest growing meeting in the entire MEDICAL industry!


Many Associations hire a salesperson and never look back. There is very little development of that person or staff or even their department and technologies with which they work. Additionally, many of the department heads have no understanding or idea how to manage a salesperson or the tools to use to accomplish better performance. Do you know how to hire a salesperson, incentify your sales staff or gauge their effectiveness? For nearly 30 years Todd Goldman has been managing, selling and training salespeople. When is the last time you sent your sales staff for professional development?

Many of the above questions are sometimes hard to answer and nobody wants to take that hard look at their organization and realize their faults or shortcomings. And, of course, very few want to admit they need to make changes. However, it is easier and less costly than you think. Start by clicking here for more information.